A Mi Amigo Escoces

August 25, 2019

A Mi Amigo Escoces

Titulo del libro: A Mi Amigo Escoces

Autor: Maria Barbal

Archivo: A+Mi+Amigo+Escoces.pdf

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Benet and George meet at the hospital to which they have been transferred after wounds received at the front of the Spanish Civil War. George, of Scottish origin, serves in the international brigades, while Benet is a provincial boy stationed at the front. Despite being not very talkative, Benet because of a problem that affects the nervous system and prevents speech, and George for his poor command of the local language, quickly connect and forge friendship that will endure over the years. Some time later, George will look for his friend from the war. From his notebooks, which Benet will give him, George will decide to write a book. A story of friendship forged during the war and that will last over the years.