Diez Días De Junio

February 26, 2020

Diez Días De Junio

Titulo del libro: Diez Días De Junio

Autor: Jordi Sierra I Fabra

Archivo: Diez+Días+De+Junio.pdf

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Ninth installment of the series of Inspector Mascarell, Ten days of June returns to the past, to the cruel reality of the Francoist internships, with the hunger and humiliations of the sons and daughters of the defeated, separated from their parents «for its sake »and converted, in many cases, into cannon fodder of the worst barbarism. June 1951, during the days of the San Juan festival. Miquel Mascarell discovers by surprise that an old enemy is alive and free. It"s Laureano Andrada, the only man I have pointed at gun and wished to kill before the war, an irredentist, defiant old pedophile who, with the dictatorship, has come out of prison and, even more, continues to work with children. Following days, accused of the crime, persecuted by the police, and saved by David Fortuny, a former agent turned into a private detective, Mascarell will live hidden, away from Patro and his little daughter Raquel, disguised and collaborating with Fortuny to prove his innocence A Fortuny ex-combatant, false war hero, follower of the Regime and, therefore, in the antipodes of what he thinks and believes. A real train collision in the middle of the maelstrom of the most decisive days in the life of the former ...