El Aliado

November 18, 2019

El Aliado

Titulo del libro: El Aliado

Autor: Ivan Repila

Archivo: El+Aliado.pdf

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Upon meeting a leading activist of the feminist movement, the protagonist of this novel, a contemporary man who considers himself equal, realizes that the world is not yet where he should be in matters of equality. Convinced that all social conquest has required a violent revolution to become effective, I have decided to undertake an anonymous campaign of extreme machismo to provoke a radical change. Little by little, she will develop a double life, as head of an anonymous and violently fiercely male group that acts at various levels of society, and as a couple of the leader of the feminist movement that gives her a response in the streets. The price to pay for "the ally", to become the being that most hates the woman he loves. Conceived as a novel with one foot in realism and another in a possible future, with a plot full of humor and pertinent reflections on a topical topic such as feminism, the ally leaves no one indifferent. The extraordinary writing of Ivan Repila lights the wick of a fun, surprising and provocative novel that is at the same time a tragic love story and a call to be aware of the struggle for equality.