El Poder

October 22, 2019

El Poder

Titulo del libro: El Poder

Autor: Josep Manuel Novoa

Archivo: El+Poder.pdf

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The great deterioration of the ethical basis of the State institutions is the breeding ground that allows economic and financial power to develop and act at their widest, and thus to suck parasitically the sap of the democratic system. Following the thread of what happened in Banesto, before and after his intervention by the Bank of Spain in December 1993, this book notes a series of events that reveal the omnipotence of the fifth power and, at the same time, tries to remedy the A Lack of information on the repertoire of absurdities which, during the long theatrical performance of the so-called Banesto case, has relentlessly overturned citizenship. In short, an effort to clear the immense vault of silence raised above our heads by that fifth power that invades everything, covers everything and conditions it, and try to expose, through the gathering of overwhelming elements of judgment, the moral ruin of certain state Institutions.