Feliz De Aprender En La Escuela

January 28, 2020

Feliz De Aprender En La Escuela

Titulo del libro: Feliz De Aprender En La Escuela

Autor: Catherine Gueguen

Archivo: Feliz+De+Aprender+En+La+Escuela.pdf

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All children feel, in the first years of their life, an innate need to learn. However, there are many who, when they arrive at school, stop their creativity, they do not seem to fit and they show symptoms of anxiety and frustration. What is happening? For Catherine Gueguen, pediatrician, specialist in non-verbal communication and a reference name in the education of the youngest children, the cause is found in an obsolete educational model, centered on the relations of power, discipline and punishment, and that, for the brain of a child -maleable, immature and extremely fragile-, is tremendously damaging. In Gueguen"s opinion, the only way to change the system is to rethink, and above all claim, the figure of the teacher, and the key to this is empathy. The teacher must above all promote empathy: - listen, - respect - and encourage the student to express their emotions, be they good or bad. In short, make the classroom a place where the child or adolescent feels safe, valued and loved.The result, as shown by the hundreds of scientific studies and testimonies that accompany this book, can not be more encouraging: , more committed and participatory and ...