Israel Y Los Territorios Palestinos 2018

September 21, 2019

Israel Y Los Territorios Palestinos 2018

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The best recommendations to organize a trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories and get the best out of the country with this Lonely Planet guide. Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, and sacred to Muslims and Baha"is, the Holy Land invites you to immerse yourself in the variety of its religious traditions. Between the Jewish historical places they are the Wall of the Lamentations of Jerusalem and the Byzantine synagogues. Both Christian pilgrims and tourists can visit places linked to the birth of Jesus (Bethlehem), his ministry (Nazareth and around the Sea of Galilee) and the crucifixion (Jerusalem). For Muslims, only Mecca and Medina are more sacred than the Al-Haram ash-Sharif of Jerusalem. In addition, few countries gather in a large space. The short distances allow you to relax on the Mediterranean beach one day, spend the next day floating in the mineralized waters of the Dead Sea and on the other dive in the Red Sea. Hikers can tour the country along the National Trail of Israel, soak in streams, explore the oasis and admire the multi-colored sandstone formations of the Makhtesh Ramon.