Los Austrias. El Tiempo En Sus Manos

February 17, 2020

Los Austrias. El Tiempo En Sus Manos

Titulo del libro: Los Austrias. El Tiempo En Sus Manos

Autor: Jose Luis Corral

Archivo: Los+Austrias.+El+Tiempo+En+Sus+Manos.pdf

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Ambition, sex, power: the great saga on the forge of an empire In time in their hands, Jose Luis Corral introduces us in the years after the coronation of Charles I as emperor. Once solved the successory problem after the death of his grandfather Fernando de Aragón and the inability of his mother, Juana la Loca, to exercise the government, the young Carlos is proclaimed emperor. Become the most powerful monarch in the world, owner of half Europe and the Indies, will be forced to face the problems of unity of the Christian empire against the Turkish offensive. For this, he will have the support, finally, of all the kingdoms of Spain, which he intends to unify under his reign. To ensure the offspring, I have married Isabel de Portugal, his first cousin, with whom he will live a passionate love.