Los Niños De Lemoniz

October 20, 2019

Los Niños De Lemoniz

Titulo del libro: Los Niños De Lemoniz

Autor: Estela Baz

Archivo: Los+Niños+De+Lemoniz.pdf

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Much has been said about ETA terrorism in the 70s and 80s, but this story had never been written from the innocent and clean look of children whose parents were threatened or killed by the terrorist organization. The author was one of them and, like others, lived in first person events that no child should ever live, in particular the ETA campaign against the nuclear power plant of Lemoniz. The fictionalized testimony The children of Lemoniz is the sum of recovered memories. He talks about people, emotions and situations, but he talks about how they lived that reality, about how their parents, faced with extreme situations, tried to hide what was happening with the sole objective of protecting them. Children who were never taken into account, not even in statistics. And it also speaks of women, of mothers who, despite their youth, were extremely strong, generous, protective and fighters.