Los Secretos De San Gervasio

February 23, 2020

Los Secretos De San Gervasio

Titulo del libro: Los Secretos De San Gervasio

Archivo: Los+Secretos+De+San+Gervasio.pdf

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New edition of one of the best novels of Carlos Pujol, which narrates the unusual research of Sherlock Holmes in Barcelona in the torrid summer of 1884. "There will be one, in the literature of today, to a staging as brilliant as what We witness in this novel, which is reminiscent of one of those prodigious and evanescent comedies of Lubitsch where intelligence always disguises itself by chance and the ingenious dialogues of supreme simplicity. "Andrés TRAPIELLO, author of the prologue. Includes an epilogue by Carlos PUJOL ("The police novel") Sherlock Holmes receives in London the visit of two daughters of a rich manufacturer of fabrics from Barcelona, who commissioned him to investigate the mistreatment of the industrialist. In his research for the district of San Gervasio, Holmes meets curious characters and is infected by the Mediterranean summer atmosphere that puts him to the test ... "The secrets of San Gervasio", a novel published in 1994 by Carlos Pujol and now recovers Minuscuarto, it is a clear example of the great talent of this subtle narrator, who knows here to transcend the topics of the genre, and to offer the reader a pleasant and enduring work, full of ironic humor and tenderness.