Manual Basico De Derecho Administrativo

January 25, 2020

Manual Basico De Derecho Administrativo

Titulo del libro: Manual Basico De Derecho Administrativo

Autor: Eduardo Gamero Casado Severiano Fernandez Ramos

Archivo: Manual+Basico+De+Derecho+Administrativo.pdf

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Clarity, simplicity and completeness. This book exposes the essential components of administrative law making to a special educational effort, dispensing with dogmatisms and focusing on the core elements of each legal institution, but without renouncing quality and rigor. In addition to its teaching utility, this book represents an adequate reference and reference material for those who prepare tests of access to the management bodies of Public Administrations, and also contributes to facilitate the continuous training of professionals who are frequently related to the Administration: Social Graduates, Administrative Managers, Business Advisors, etc. The text is enriched with numerous figures, tables and tables, which facilitate understanding and enable the reader to better understand the structure and articulation of different concepts and subjects. Examples and practical explanations are used as part of the exhibition, making it easy to assimilate each notion and to visualize its practical application. It also includes a complete list of websites with information on public authorities and the world of law. Keeping the commitment of continuous updating of the work, in this fifth edition a careful updating of all the contents has been carried out, contributing new jurisprudence, revising the panel of web links and extending punctually some subjects: for example, including the regime Of data Protection in Public Administrations on the subject dedicated to e-Government. The work also includes a CD containing the files of all the figures, tables and graphs of each topic, forms of administrative acts and writings of individuals (requests, allegations, appeals.) As well as the consolidated text of the LRJPAC and The LAE.