Marcelo En El Mon Real

January 25, 2020

Marcelo En El Mon Real

Titulo del libro: Marcelo En El Mon Real

Autor: Francisco X. Stork

Archivo: Marcelo+En+El+Mon+Real.pdf

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Editing in Catalan. Yes, it is true, Marcelo Sandoval hears music inside his head. It is also true that Marcelo is lost if he is left alone in a place he does not know and that he takes everything in a literal sense. I have suffers from Asperger"s syndrome, a mild autism. He has always attended a special school where he is valued and protected. For a summer before finishing high school, his father proposes a challenge: to work at his law firm. This challenge will make you face the "real world", a place that has always terrified you. This summer, Marcelo will discover feelings such as envy and competitiveness, anger and desire. Marcelo will also learn what it means to suffer before injustice. An awakening that will make you better understand your own emotions and connect with the people around you. You will find that, in reality, you are not so different from others.