Thu. May 30th, 2024


The word “slot” is a noun that originates in the 17th century. Its meaning is to provide with or cut into a notch. Its modern sense is “a place in which something fits.” The word’s origins are in German, where the term was first used to refer to a narrow opening for receiving things or for positions. In aviation, the slot is the area between the faceoff circles on an aircraft’s wing, which is used for airflow.

An utterance can include many different slots, or none at all. The bot will identify the slots and map them to entities in the utterance. For example, the number of rooms needed or the number of nights can be mapped to built-in slots, while a custom slot type may be mapped to a date or the type of room requested. Once a slot has been created, it can be edited and removed, or added to the list.

Another name for a slot is slat. There are many different types of slots on a computer. Memory and expansion cards can be fitted into them. The definition of a motherboard includes visual examples of each type of slot. If your computer has expansion slots, you can expand them as you see fit. This will give you more capabilities as your computer grows. But remember that when you expand, there’s no need to replace your current system.